Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pencil Toppers

I'm substituting for the same 2nd grade class for the month of May (I love it! 2nd grade may be a favorite grade for me) I'm giving my students a treat next week for their good behavior in class, I've bought a pack of pencils and decorated them with paper pencil toppers. Butterflies for the girls and frogs for the boys.


PS: A quick note about the espresso mod post by Greg. The video was taken at 6 am this morning and I sound very sleepy (I also talked way to much). There is a LOT of annoying background noise, I would skip to 1:45 in the video to see the coffee action and avoid all the noise.
Espresso mods

This is Greg posing as Rachel. I modified the portafilter in our espresso machine and Rachel took a video of me making a shot of espresso early in the morning. This is the second shot in the morning. The first one didn't have any of that splatter at the very end of this shot. The splatter is from channeling water through the puck. It was still a tasty shot.