Tuesday, August 25, 2009

16 week doctor's appointment

On Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment. It was not a "major" appointment just a check up of sorts. I had a list of questions, mostly just weird quirks and pains with my body that I wanted to make sure was normal and related to pregnancy. Things like hair loss (I've been shedding and clogging up the bathtub drain-but I still have plenty of hair it's more annoying than anything else) and back aches (my doctor said it will only get worse as I get bigger.) I went over my "list" of strange symptoms and questions of what I can and can't do with my doctor. His final response to me was "You are not sick, you can do anything you would normally do" not really the response I was looking for but I suppose I am being overly worried about too many things.

I was so happy when the nurse found a heart beat with the Doppler, I had such a reassurance that everything is alright and a baby is growing inside me. The heart rate was in the 140's. I was shocked when my doctor said my weight gain was on the low side, only 3 pounds. I thought for sure I had gained 10 pounds or more I feel so heavy already. Of course it doesn't help that my jeans are a little snug and Greg makes it a point to "point" and chuckle at my growing stomach. Greg's comments/notice of my weight gain is all in good spirits.

After my appointment I had to head to the Radiology Dept. to schedule an ultra sound. I didn't know I was going to have my next ultra sound in a special department but I'm pretty excited about it. At my 20 week mark I'll have the ultra sound and hopefully we'll know if we are having a boy or a girl. A week later I have an appointment with my regular doctor to go over the results.

I had plans to head to the insurance office while at the hospital and have a chat about possibly having the baby in Washington State. The day of my appointment I had a flat tire. My friend drove me to my doctor's appointment and I didn't want her to have to wait any longer. I'll head back to the hospital another day to gather information for such a venture.

So many exciting things are ahead.

For my family patiently waiting-there will be a pregnancy photo posted soon.


Monday, August 10, 2009

House warming gift

A couple of guys from our small group bible study recently got a new apartment. They invited the gang over to help break in their new place. We have a tight gift giving budget. We only set aside money for Christmas and immediate family member's birthdays. So all other unexpected gift giving occasions have to be on the cheap and are typically homemade. I baked some brownies and snicker doodles and dressed them up with some scrap ribbon and a paper covered box. I raided our pantry for some extra items to round out the gift-some microwave popcorn and a can of air freshener seemed to do the trick. A quick hand stamped card completed the gift. This gift was made up of stuff I already had at home and in my pantry. I love it when I can create something without spending money.


First Trimester Photo-12.5 weeks pregnant

Ok here it is. I really REALLY wanted a picture retake but my husband was not being cooperative. He thinks the above photo is just fine and quite cute-I could hardly bring myself to post it. But if I wait any longer for a retake I'll lose out on a 1st trimester photo. (2 more days and I am at 14 weeks) So here it is embarrassing cheesy face and all.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

pregnancy photo coming soon

A few days ago (Sunday) I asked my hubby to take a photo of me (the first of many showing the stages of my pregnancy) On a side note I'm exactly 13 weeks today! He took two pictures and both sported my ultra cheesy picture-taking smile (my eyes are even slightly popped out) I know my family has witnessed my cheesy face many a times but I can not possibly post the pictures online so there will be a retake and a picture will be posted soon.