Tuesday, February 23, 2010

By the Grace of God

People often say the best day of their life was when they get married or their child is born. My son was born Sunday morning. I didn't know what to feel the day he was born. I too will probably look back on the night as "the best day of my life" simply because it's the day my own baby was born. The night we went to the hospital and I gave birth I was exhausted-I hadn't slept for 2 days prior and the sleep I had before that was pretty sporadic and rare. I was too tired to feel anything after giving birth. Everything happened so fast-we went to the hospital late Saturday night and 6 hours later-early Sunday morning we had a beautiful baby boy.

The first night in the hospital when it was just me and my baby alone in our room-all I could think of was by the grace of God....I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy boy. The doctor and nurses said I did great but the truth was I didn't feel like I did anything special. I would have been lost without Greg by my side; the entire time he held my hand and comforted me through the contractions. Just typing and remembering this brings tears to my eyes. We also had an amazing nurse-who coached and encouraged Greg and I through the labor process.

My desire to have a "natural birth" was fulfilled.....but not because of my own will power or some uncanny resistance to pain (labor hurts.) The truth is I was scared and as the big day inevitably was coming-I considered an epidural and asked that it be available if needed. That first night after I delivered I thought about the fact that I gave birth to a healthy boy without any pain medication and the only thing in my mind was by the grace of God.....I know my family and friends were praying for me and their prayers were not in vain.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 10th, 2010 - Due Date Pics

Still waiting.......I never imagined I'd be pregnant past my due date-but babies come when they come. There's a lot of people ready to meet this little one growing inside of me. Let's hope he makes an appearance soon.