Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We stayed up late last night to ring in the new year despite the fact that Greg had to work early this morning. We had a good time playing "Rock Band" on the Play Station 3 at the our neighbor's house. I sang Sting's Message in a Bottle which is harder than it seems. Greg rocked out on the plastic guitar and I tried my skill at the drums (76 percent accuracy WOOT!) It was good fun, good food, and good friends.

We started off the new year bright and early with a special breakfast of pumpkin spice pancakes with REAL maple syrup (I forked over the big bucks and spent $6 on a little bottle)We didn't have a long morning together as Greg had to leave at 7:30 am.

With Greg off at work I went with my friend to the gym's New Year's Day Aerobathon. I feel totally insane, I just got home from the 3 hour workout and my body will be feeling sore tomorrow. The workouts weren't so bad, but I was really having a hard time with the cycle class-one hour on a bike makes your bum sore and when you are finished it takes a few minutes for your legs to return to normal.

I think I'll take it easy the rest of today.

Happy New Year everyone! 2009 is here!


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