Monday, July 13, 2009


We ate hamburgers last Monday....they were so yummy....they always are. I saw Greg eating his burger so I grabbed the camera in hopes of a few candid shots. Later Greg took a few pictures of me eating which was most unflattering. (to get back at me?) He was quick to blog about our grilling adventures. I tell you it was my idea to write up a post about our great meal. Oh well I'm sure our parents will get a kick out of reading our two different perspectives on the same topic.
I love to grill. It's one thing that Greg and I do great together and it is so fun to make dinner as a team. There's a real celebratory atmosphere when we grill.
We fire up the grill every time Greg goes out to sea and every time he returns. It's a tradition we started a few months ago. If I plan ahead and the grocery budget allows for it we have steak-which is sublime-I think Greg knows how to cook a piece of meat to perfection. Usually we have hamburgers and they are Fabulous! Our hamburgers include the following:

a homemade bun (grilled and toasty)
juicy beef patty
crispy bacon
American cheese (the only time I ever buy American cheese is for hamburgers)
red onion (sometimes we grill these)
dill pickle chips
real mayo

Our burgers are a work of art. They are so tall they topple over but that doesn't matter because we just laugh at the unstable burgers then we claim to each other how absurdly good they are before we gobble them up! YUM!


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beta4U said...

Your homemade buns are beautiful! I bet everyone tells you that. :-) I'm going to have to try Martha's hamburger recipe - it sure looks easy enough. But 1/2 pounders!!! That's what probably makes them so good.