Wednesday, June 2, 2010

14 weeks in Hawaii

After a nice visit with family in Washington State, Nathan and I are headed back to Guam. I was all set for a smooth trip home with several flights to Guam daily. Turns out we'll be hanging out in Hawaii for a few days. Last month we applied for a passport for our little one. The post office took our original birth certificate for the passport processing. Without a passport or original birth certificate for Nathan we can't fly back to Guam. Fortunately the passport has already arrived at our home in Guam and my neighbor is express mailing it. It would have been mailed a day sooner but our hotel on the navy base will not send or receive mail (since 9/11) so we had to find some kind soul who lives in Hawaii and would be willing to accept our mail. We should have it in about 2 days and we'll soon be on our way.


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