Monday, October 4, 2010

32 weeks!

As usual I've not been diligent about taking and posting pictures. Yesterday (marking Nathan's 32nd week) We went to our church BBQ. Nathan wasn't happy being carried in the sling. (it was too hot for him or there was too many interesting things to see and he didn't want to be bundled up) someone gave me a box of fabric to be crafty with and our pastor walking by joked with me about how my box was so "frugal" and would make a fine crib or playpen. Immediately I took Nathan out of our sling and put him in the box and he loved it-We got a lot of comments and laughs from people walking by. Several people wanted to know where I was mailing him too-I joked and said he was on his way to grandma's house. Someone else said he was way cuter than a puppy. (of course he is) My friend Kari took this photo of Nathan (I didn't have my camera.)

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beta4U said...

I'm waiting for my precious "gift"... :)

When is he due to arrive?