Friday, December 5, 2008

Locked Out

For the first time ever I was locked out of my house! I had a trunk full of groceries, I brought in half the groceries and dropped my purse (with my keys, phone and wallet)on the counter. I went outside to pick up the rest of the groceries, shutting the door behind me and right away I knew. UGH! I had cold groceries inside the house and outside the house. All my neighborhood friends had empty driveways.
I walked down the street, found someone who was home and made a new neighborhood friend. She allowed me to put my groceries in her fridge and use her phone, I was so grateful. After I got off the phone with the housing office I learned that I would be charged $67 to have someone come out and unlock my house. YIKES! what a costly mistake. My neighbor offered to drive me down to the housing office and pick up a key so that I wouldn't be charged.

I think a plate of cookies and a thank you card is in order for this new neighborhood friend.


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beta4U said...

It is for times such as these that I keep a spare key secretly (well hidden from view or purposeful searches by strangers) and also securely (so that extreme weather conditions or critters can't move it) located around the exterior of the house. The cookies & thank you card will be great for your new made friend though. Is she a newcomer to the island? Maybe God wanted you both to meet and even though it seems as you were the one in need of help, the real blessing might have been for her.