Saturday, February 14, 2009

In the kitchen

Greg and I enjoyed a sweetheart valentine's dinner last night at home with grilled steak and veggie kabobs ending with pineapple and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert (yummy!)Today My hubby's working so later tonight I'm joining my neighbor who's husband is deployed. We are babysitting our other neighbor's kids so that they can go out tonight.

With the house to myself I'm in the kitchen and busy today.
For tonight's valentine's day with the neighbor kids I'm making:
crust and sauce for pizza
heart shaped sugar cookies and frosting for decorating

Tomorrow we are having a big birthday BBQ with our small group bible study friends I'm coordinating the food. To prep for the BBQ I'm making:
hamburger buns
cheese cake
ice cream and toppings
potato salad
coleslaw (I'm just chopping the cabbage today, I'll dress it tomorrow)

I'll finish up the rest of the food after church tomorrow.

busy busy busy (but I totally love it)


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beta4U said...

Wow!!! What a coincidence... we are having steaks and our dessert will be fresh pineapple and chocolate covered strawberries also. My veggies will be in a salad though & baked potatoes with sour cream & chives. Great minds think alike - right?
Babysitting for your neighbor is most considerate of you & your other neighbor since your husbands are on duty. Sounds like a good time for the kids too.
Tomorrows birthday bbq should be a blast. I envy your ability to have summertime bbq's in the middle of winter.