Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Happenings

Greg played a song for our church....and he was really good! (I shouldn't have been so surprised, but when I hear him play his guitar it's at home and he's in his underwear wandering around the house screaming out songs and strumming his guitar wildly to a CD)
He's been playing with the worship team for several months now, but not with them on Sundays, he simply goes to the week night practices to "jam" and play with a band. When Greg came back from from his deployment the praise team was happy to have him at their practices again and asked Greg if he had any good songs up his sleeve. More than happy to oblige Greg introduced the song Jesus Paid it All (he's a HUGE Passion Band fan) The team loved it and asked Greg to introduce it to the church when they had the next Communion Service.

So today he played for the Church and he was good, The pastor came up to Greg as we were leaving church and thanked him for ministering to him. I thought that was nice to say.

Also, today I taught Sunday school for the early service so that I could be in the regular service to see Greg play, I loved teaching for the earlier service instead of 22 3 and 4 year old I had 5! it was so easy and relaxing in comparison, It's not that I don't like teaching Sunday School it was just so nice to have a bit of a break with a smaller crowd.

It was a good Sunday!



Brenda said...

I would love to hear him play. I don't think I have yet. Did they record it?

beta4U said...

I listen to that song often... ever since Greg sent the link. Nice for him to share it around. As long as he's appropriately dressed for public viewing. ;-)