Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bell Peppers!

I love bell peppers. I think I might love them because they are so expensive. Today I was pleasantly surprised to find some produce mark downs at the commissary. Usually if the produce is mark downed it is rotten and moldy but I must have been the first person to eye the peppers. They were all in decent shape (perhaps a bit past their prime but still very edible)For $1.25 I got 4 large green peppers and 3 large orange peppers, WOOT! orange peppers costs nearly $5 a pound, green are a little cheaper at $3 a pound. There were a couple bags marked down but it's just little ol me eating so I only picked up the one bag. Tonight it's roasted pepper and tomato soup and tomorrow night I'm calling my neighbors up and trying my hand at stuffed bell peppers.

I love a bargain and I love food!


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KimLuvsJC said...

Wow what a deal!!!
I love orange, yellow, and red peppers, but I never buy them anymore because the normal price at walmart is 2.16 each pepper. I'm not so big on green peppers and I don't care for stuffed peppers, but I love them either raw or saute'd with some sausage and onions and maybe some mushrooms.......yummy!!!