Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Marriage via e-mail

Greg has not been receiving e-mails from me -making him very sad and concerned. I just received an e-mail from him letting me know that he has finally received an e-mail from me (it was sent it ages ago but at least he got it)

His short note made my heart so glad that I had to share it with you all. His "voice" may seem a little strange but keep in mind his e-mails are reviewed by others and have a size limit for security reasons.

I have gotten your #1 and #2 emails. I'm glad you are not dead/in the hospital/left me. I am glad you got your bind it all. I know you will make nice things with it. Plus, you don't have to say in your email you'll clean it up. Your very responsible and you don't have to convince me you are. I am also glad you have it to be creative with and have an outlet to work. I can't wait to see the things you made with it.

What hyundai parts came in?

I miss you and we are almost done here.

I love you.

Ahhhhh (my heart flutters) he wants to see what I've made! I didn't think he cared about my crafting hobby. In my prior e-mails I told him the house was a disaster and you could hardly see the dining table amongst my craft supplies, it's nice to know he's not concerned about the mess I've made either.



KimLuvsJC said...

You are so creative, I'm sure Greg loves that about you. You are also one of the most responsible people I know and with him being gone so much, that has to make him feel more secure knowing you're there taking care of everything he can't. It must be so hard for you being apart for so long. I think about you guys often and miss you tons. Wanted to let you know in case it fits into your plans to come home at all, April is getting married December 11th and would love it if you can make it. Of course we also understand if you can't. Enjoy your crafts and know your husband loves all the great things about you, because I'm sure he does. We all do.
Love you bunches,
Kim and the gang

Everyday is a new day said...

Aww sister that is so sweet. I can't wait to have a sweet husband too! Love you mucho much!! I have already opend a savings acount to come see you!!