Monday, August 10, 2009

First Trimester Photo-12.5 weeks pregnant

Ok here it is. I really REALLY wanted a picture retake but my husband was not being cooperative. He thinks the above photo is just fine and quite cute-I could hardly bring myself to post it. But if I wait any longer for a retake I'll lose out on a 1st trimester photo. (2 more days and I am at 14 weeks) So here it is embarrassing cheesy face and all.


Everyday is a new day said...

Thanks sister!!! Totally cute picture!!

beta4U said...

You must be confusing your "s" and "r" consonants because your picture is really "cheery" and not "cheesy" as you say. :)
You look adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

RACHEL!!!!! I miss you! Nice picture =D oh and I just got a laptop of my own!!!! LOVE YOU!