Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a blessing

I've been a little overwhelmed with too much on my plate this week:

-staying up way to late and still getting up early to go to work
-planning a stamping/craft party at my house with dinner
-finishing up a very BIG project for the 150 plus sailors on my husband's boat
-making a few crafts for a craft fair this weekend (and dealing with getting a business license and regulation garage)
-signed up for a 5k run (not sure what I was thinking at the time)
-starting to feel a little under the weather (as is every other student and teacher at work)
-preparing for a long trip home to visit my family
-fixing a flat tire
-dealing with my husband's ever-changing schedule
-recruiting a secretary and second co-chair for my Wives Group

and the list goes on and on.....whew! isn't there some kind of scripture about anxiety and stress?

When I woke up yesterday feeling unwell and even worse today I took my cares to the Lord, I can't be sick and I still feel like I've got too much going on but I know it's time to relax a bit and put God in control. Everything will get done and be ok.

Today the school secretary called me at 6:30 am to let me know that I can come into work at noon. Praise God! I could use the few hours to clean up my house and finish up a few things, (of course I should be resting, but I'll feel better knowing a few more things have been crossed of my list and these few hours allow me to do so) What a blessing.



Tori said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Made To Organize said...

It's so easy to get burnt out by filling our days with lists and schedules and priorities that don't allow for a moment of unplanned activity. I certainly pray that the Lord blesses you with rest and relaxation as the holidays approach and "free time" gets harder and harder to find. I enjoy reading your posts.