Thursday, October 9, 2008


A dear friend moved away this week, she's very glad to be moving off Guam. She made a comment before she left that she's looking forward to pouring a packet of sugar into her coffee.....oh the joys of free-flowing sugar. It's true the humidity here is very high and dry foods like salt, sugar, baking soda (you name it) forms clumps.

Well today I found another victim of our humid climate. Envelopes. I'm participating in a craft fair with some friends and I was cleaning out my craft supplies and Christmas card collection to make a few things to sell. I have built up quite a collection of envelopes. Today I found all of them sealed shut, the humidity in the air must have moisten the glue on the flap. My envelopes are now scrap paper. Maybe we should get a dehumidifier for each room. We have one in the laundry room with a 2 gallon reservoir, we empty it twice a day, morning and night. That's a lot of water in the air!


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beta4U said...

What a shame! Is there anyway to salvage the envelopes for their original intent? I remember an episode of an old sitcom (I Love Lucy - I think) where she was steaming an envelope open. If that works without damaging the envelopes appearance, then you could use some craft sealant to reseal and be done with it.

Or better yet, use them for scrap and then just have regular paper for making your own envelopes to size and using craft glue only when you are ready to ship it off. Then you won't have to go through another situation as this.