Sunday, October 19, 2008

What to write?

I have many thoughts in my head, personal thoughts, and I just can't decided whether to blog them or not. I don't want this blog to be my personal pity party page, I can't share about the awesome gift I just made (I'm sure the birthday girl is reading and it would spoil the fun), I won't talk about Navy stuff, ARGGGG....what to write, What to write?! how about just a few feelings/thought snippets.

I'm happy my husband is home, I'm mad that he has to work EVERY day midnight to noon until he leaves again

I'm happy I went to the Navy ball with a girlfriend last night (her husband was suddenly deployed and mine had to go to work/sleep)It was all very last minute and we had a lot of fun. I felt awkward to see my doctor a few feet away dancing and kissing his girlfriend/wife.

I'm concerned that my absentee ballot has not arrived yet, the election is a couple of weeks away.

I'm teaching a Sunday School class today. I hope I have a helper today, a class of two year olds can be a challenge but it's down right awful when it comes to bathroom breaks and there is not a second person to help out. (I've only been stranded once before)

I'm taking most of November off to visit my family (so happy.) I haven't told the school yet. I've become a well liked substitute, I no longer get called in when they need help, I just come in everyday for work. I shouldn't be but I'm nervous and I don't want to tell them I'm leaving for a while.


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Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

We are all so looking forward to you coming!!!

It's a bummer that your hubby has to work so much before he leaves again!