Saturday, December 1, 2007

First post!! Thanksgiving table

Greg and I had a nice Thanksgiving albeit small in numbers. Our neighbors came over, I was nervous because I didn't really know them well, but we had no problem making conversation. We played board games and enjoyed good food. I'm very proud that my turkey turned out it was very juicy and flavorful (Thank you Alton Brown) my pumpkin pie was also good, both were firsts for me. Greg was still adjusting from working the night shift so he was quite tired but a couple of shots of espresso in the morning and a pot of french press at lunch and he was just fine and very enjoyable despite his sleepiness. I think the turkey put him over the edge he went to sleep at 7 hardly 10 minutes after our guests left. I set our small table two days before Thanksgiving and since I thought is was so pretty I left it all set for the weekend to come. By Monday the table cloth needed to be washed and my flowers needed fresh water. I can't wait for the next excuse to buy fresh flowers.

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