Monday, September 21, 2009


Today I am happy/sad about:

1. my job
2. my car
3. mowing the lawn
4. my favorite shorts

My job:
I'm happy because:

1. Today was my last day as the 8th grade math teacher
2. When I get home from work I won't be thinking about work or my students or lesson planning. My work day will be done when the school day is done. ahhhh a clear and free mind
3. My homeroom class won September's 8th grade competition! This month's 8th grade team contest was to design a bulletin board and create a presentation/drama to the entire 8th grade class. And MY class was 1st place (out of 6 classes.) I was so proud of them. The winners were announced today at lunch.
I'm sad because:
1. Today was my last day and I'm going to miss having the same kids each day and the all the relationships that were forming
2. I'm going to miss that extra $5 an hour (although I still felt underpaid)

My Car:
I'm happy that my check engine light is no longer on
I'm sad that my check engine light was on. (this always happens when Greg is gone)

Mowing the lawn:
I'm happy because:

1. There was finally a day with no rain and I was able to mow the lawn
2. The lawn is finally mowed
3. Fresh cut grass smells sweet
I'm sad because:
1. I have to mow the lawn
2. I allowed the grass to grow for far too long
3. Lawn mower exhaust smells bad and makes me worry about my pregnancy (and I know in my head it's an unnecessary worry-but I worry all the same)

My favorite shorts:
I'm happy because:

1. Well truth be told I'm only sad about my favorite shorts.
I'm sad because:
1. They should be in the trash-they are so old, frayed, and worn out and they can't even be given away. I've had them since 2002. I even remember when I bought them with my old room mates at the Gap Outlet.
2. They don't fit me anymore. I put them on to mow the lawn and I could hardly get them buttoned up.
3.My waist is long gone. And by the time I get it back my favorite shorts will have long been in the trash. Today was their last day.


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beta4U said...

It is said that when you are pregnant, your hormones run amok making mood swings very common. Case in point - you!!! It happens to the best of us deary - no need for concern. It shouldn't last that long, just remember to get plenty of rest, eat well & do some light exercises for helping with stress management.