Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Testament Survey Class

I'm taking a class at Pacific Island University. I'm auditing the New Testament Survey Class. I decided to take the class to help me develop some solid biblical knowledge and to give me something to do while Greg is gone. I'm very much enjoying the discussions and class meetings. Last week we met at Dave Owen's (our teacher) house. It was a good time.
Our class is very small with only 5 students. Last night we had class-I was a few minutes early and had a chance to visit with the other students. The diversity of Guam really shines among the students. In our class there is a man from Bangladesh, a lady from Korea, a lady from China, and two Americans-myself and another 20-something girl who came to Guam to teach English at the college. We all have a common desire for the Lord. I just love how so many different people can come together with different customs and culture and yet we are the same in our love for Jesus. There is something uplifting about knowing there are Christians all over the world. There is also a sense of gratitude developing inside of me over the fact that I grew up in a Christian home and in America where we have religious freedoms.


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Everyday is a new day said...

That is awesome! I really want to do a class like that. Maybe i could come to Guam and join you all!