Friday, September 11, 2009

When doing the right thing is a real pain in the neck

About two weeks ago I was at the grocery store, buying groceries for a big dinner party we were having with our small group bible study. Instead of a pot-luck everyone gave me $5 and I purchased and prepared food for the party. When I got to the checkout I had spent more money than I had cash for and I had to use my card to cover the difference. The cashier entered in $10 more cash than I had given him. I noticed it immediately and brought it to his attention. He was confused but I tried to explain to him that I should be charged $10 more dollars to my card. He called over a supervisor who called over another supervisor and all three employees were totally confused about what was going on (it was not that complicated)They couldn't "cancel" the transaction so they had me run my card through for the amount that the computer said but I still owed them $10. I offered to write a check to cover the difference which seemed like a logical and quick solution. The two supervisor's were stumped on what to do next. They charged my card and than refunded my card. The order was rung up again and than refunded again. I must have swiped my card 3 or 4 times. I offered again to write a check. Meanwhile the line is growing larger and time is passing (I was in a little bit of a hurry to get back home because Greg and I had plans to go out later)Finally they call a manager over and all three employees try to explian what happened but none of them are getting it quite right. I wait for them to stop talking and as the manager studies the receipt I say "I simply owe you $10, can I write a check for the difference?" They still seem all confused on how to fix it after refunding my card for the 3rd time they ask me very apologetically if it would be alright if I wrote a check (in my head I'm throwing my hands up in the air in frustration wishing I could have done that to begin with)
With check writing more problems start because now the original transaction is gone and the cashier must guess and check the amount to enter in the computer so that the 5% surcharge (like a tax) is included in the total. After entering in 6 different amounts and voiding 6 different amounts they finally get the amount within a penny of my original total and decided to take it. I was standing there for 25 minutes before it was all said and done. I was mad and frustrated but I knew in my heart of hearts that if I had not said anything I would have been eaten alive with guilt.

Well just before Greg left he reviewed the bank accounts and asked me "what's this charge at the grocery store?" (we use cash for all grocery shopping)

After the entire fiasco at the grocery store my card was still charged!

I went in to the store the other day and talked to the manager about the charge. She kind of remembered it but was certain that my bank just hadn't shown the refund yet (after 2 weeks?)she said I would have to print out a statement and bring it in for her to see and than she would contact the bank. So that's what I did today and supposedly they will get back to me. I'll be calling my bank in a few days if I don't hear back. All of this for a mere $10

What a pain in the neck!


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Everyday is a new day said...

Man what a pain. I so believe that people iq drop in a grocery store. lol