Thursday, September 4, 2008

A delicious change of plans

I had big plans for my menu this week I was going to try out new recipes and do my best to enjoy eating for one (or two I guess.) Well my plans for the Chicken-Sausage Asparagus Saute over Cheesy Grits (from the May 2008 edition of Everyday Food) was not going to happen once I saw the prices and selection at the grocery store. Chicken-Sausage on Guam? forget about it! there is no variety whatsoever. Grits? no way! but I was probably going to substitute cornmeal and make a soft polenta instead. But the real kicker.....Asparagus nearly $6 a pound! I decided to pull the plug on this meal plan. While at the store I picked up a package of mushrooms for $2 which I know sounds expensive but the last few weeks a package of mushrooms has cost well over $5 and one week they were $7, produce prices are never a constant here. I didn't have plans for the mushrooms at the time but I knew I could put them to good use.

Well tonight I made a delicious mushroom soup, accompanied by a grilled cheese sandwich. I had a tasty, simple, and satisfying meal. I was pleased with my meal substitution I still got to try a new recipe and I didn't spend a fortune to do so.


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