Monday, September 8, 2008

Menu Plan Monday September 8 - September 14

I have a couple of crafty girlfriends, we've been going to each others house the past several weeks and making cards, sharing all our crafting supplies and gadgets, and chatting it up. Last night we decided that when we have "crafting days" we should do dinner also, all our husbands are out and none of us really like eating alone, so this week I'm being treated to dinner with my friends twice! Next week it's my turn. Crafting and Cooking two of my favorite hobbies, it's so nice to have found some friends who share my interests. On to this week's menu:

Monday 9/8 Soup and Salad, I may add in a half a grilled cheese sandwich (those have been a favorite lately)

Tuesday 9/9 Dinner and crafts at my friend Liz's house

Wednesday 9/10 Tomato and Sausage Risotto (something new to try)

Thursday 9/11 Dinner and crafts at my friend Jessica's house

Friday 9/12 Pizza Night

Saturday 9/13 Ravioli and Salad

Sunday 9/14 Leftovers


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Heather said...

Oh how fun would that be friends, crafting and food. I love getting together with the girls and doing a little scrappin. Have a great week.