Friday, September 12, 2008

It could have been a frugal choice.....

I'm doing my very best to be ahead of the game (not true, I just am trying to stay busy while my husband is away)I've spent the last two days making my Christmas cards. Oh they are going to be so pretty, I can hardly wait to send them out (3 more months)I make my own cards because I like to and because it's a very frugal thing to do. This year it was not so frugal, I could have made all my cards for mere pennies, I have several Christmas themed stamps I have lots of paper and I have stacks and stacks of old Christmas cards just perfect for being remade into new Christmas cards. But no I've spent LOTS of money more than I've ever spent on any crafting project. I do have my husbands permission and blessing and our gift fund is paying for it but still I do feel a little bit guilty about my splurge this year when I didn't need to. I have bought:
2 ink pads
special super sticky adhesive
A new stamp set - it is oh so lovely and can be used for many projects not related to the holidays
small clear page protectors (I'm making a small "brag book" of sorts, it's a card but with a few pages inserted for my letter and pictures

Everything I bought (minus the paper) can be used again and again for other projects.

I can't help feeling guilty with myself, what could have cost me literally pennies by using what I have has turned into a project that costs well over $80.

Yes they will be beautiful cards
Yes I'm having a great time making them (I'm quite proud of my efforts)
and Yes I'm feeling a wee bit wasteful and I'm not sure it was worth it.

I'd post a picture of my Christmas card but I want it to be pretty surprise for my family.

Money was not an issue, we set aside for Christmas expenses but my frugal spirit is torn. What do you all think about a splurge like this?


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Rachel said...

You know, crafting is a life long investment. I do what I can to save money on supplies, but sometimes, you gotta invest in the good stuff. Just think how much farther your current supplies will stretch with what you bought! You can do so much more now! I think that its okay to splurge, especially now that you have a little one on the way and may not have opportunities later to spend a lot of time on detailed Christmas cards. I know its hard to spend that much; I struggle with that too. You should definitely post one of your cards after the holidays are over!
Happy Crafting!!