Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ice Cream

I bought store bought ice cream today, the first time in months. I've been really wanting ice cream but have resisted since I didn't want to give into pregnancy cravings and gain a lot of unnecessary weight, which seems to be piling on no matter what I eat. In truth, I always want ice cream pregnant or not. I tried fruit juice bars to satisfy my ice cream cravings and while lower in calories and tasty, it's not the same.

I'm having friends over on Tuesday for dinner, I was trying to think of a good dessert when I decided to just keep things simple and serve ice cream, plus there might be leftovers for myself later on. I might make a homemade chocolate or caramel sauce to go along.

I was going to make ice cream, because I love homemade ice cream and I love using my ice cream maker, while it may not be a low-calorie treat I know that it's natural when I make it myself.

I decided against making ice cream when I realized that it will cost me nearly double the cost to do so.

pint of heavy cream $2.80
dozen eggs $2.20
quart of milk $1.75 ( I would have bought the half gallon at $2.50)
I have sugar at home and all the "extras"

I decided to save myself time and money and just buy ice cream, I like Breyers since it's all natural, read the label it's great. Of course if another brand is on a super sale I'll go for that but my first choice is an ice cream with a short ingredient list.

I must have spent 10 minutes in the ice cream aisle, freezing my hiney.
All the brands (all three of them, you got to love selection on Guam)were $4.00 give or take a quarter. The price didn't bother me to much though, the size did! Did you you know that they now sell ice cream in 1.5 quarts?! What ever happened to 2 quarts or the 1.75 quarts size, the price is the same the container is smaller. I dug around in the freezer and found a container in the back that was 1.75 quarts, there were a couple left. Perhaps homemade ice cream isn't more expensive if I calculate the quantity made. I just may need to do a test and find out.

The nerve of Ice cream companies selling me less ice cream and charging the same amount!


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