Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Apple Muffins

I made muffins today; I’ll wrap and stuff several of them in the freezer for lunch additions. I’ll keep just a few out of the freezer for some yummy snacking. I’m still waiting on some of my non-essential household goods to join me after our big move, currently I don’t have a muffin pan- you don’t really think it’s a necessity until you want to use it. I had to get creative. I picked up some cupcake liners on sale for 40 cents the other day, it’s been so long since I’ve bought liners, I like to use silicone cupcakes liners (they’re great and reusable) I’m not sure if 40 cents was a deal but it was cheap enough for me. I lined a large baking sheet with cupcake liners it held 24 liners nicely. My muffins didn’t bake up in beautiful round circles as they would in a muffin pan but they still tasted great. My muffins also didn’t form a nice muffin top, I blame the humidity, I can’t say if that’s the true cause but whenever my baking doesn’t produce picture perfect results I like to blame the humidity. My muffins smelled so good I had to taste one while still warm, you can see that there is a missing muffin in the picture; instant gratification has its consequences. These muffins came from a basic sweet apple bread recipe which I decided to make into muffins instead; I like the individual portions muffins bring and as a bonus no slicing. Reduce the baking time to 25 minutes. These are really good the next day, split in half, toasted, and spread with peanut butter. YUM!

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Anonymous said...

I think your muffins would have looked perfect if you had a muffin pan. They sound yummy wish I could have one. Looking forward to more baking idea's I think I'll go and make some apple bread.