Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Making my own greeting cards – I don’t need a whole lot of stuff to do so

This is my first Works for Me Wednesday Post. Card-making is something that works for me. I love being crafty and I love making cards. I have a large assortment of card making things and craft stuff. I have got pretty papers galore but sadly all of it is somewhere on a boat along with all my other household goods patiently waiting to come home.

I am a real mess when trying to pick out a store bought card, I stand in the card aisle for hours reading each card, crying or laughing at each and still not finding the one perfect card. With birthdays coming up and thank you notes due I can’t wait for our stuff to arrive before I make some cards. My other half would never let me run to the craft store and buy up a new collection of card making tools, it's a good thing for the both of us that there isn’t a craft store around. Starting with nothing I headed to the store, I knew I couldn't attempt to pick out a card after just browsing the card aisle so I headed to the nearby stationary/office/craft aisle. I picked up some scissors, double-stick tape, and a paper stack. There was only one choice in paper-lucky for me it was full of pretty patterns that I could work with. I spent $15 with most of it on the paper. I only need to make a handful of cards and I will recuperate the cost of buying your standard greeting card.

The birthday card I made yesterday is simple there are no embellishments or pretty ribbons it’s nothing fancy just paper and tape. It’s not my prettiest, most creative, eye-catching card however I still had a good time making the card and I’m sure the recipient will receive from it our thoughts and love.

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