Friday, February 29, 2008

Why I'm hesitant to have a garden

This is my only patch of dirt for planting, short of digging up a patch of grass (not recommended within the housing guidelines) it's adjacent to the house and is covered by an awning, it gets a little sun but is mostly shaded. Visually, it's a perfect spot for a colorful flower bed. The problem as you can see is that every time it rains my little dirt patch is over flooded with water. The picture you see above was taken after just 15 minutes of rain, all that water can't be good for plants that need a little nurturing. I have visions of a container garden, not for flowers but for herbs and small vegetables like peppers. My only restraints come from wanting to garden frugally and make it portable that way if the it rains too much I can move my garden in the shed for a little shelter. Ever try to move a heavy planter full of dirt and live plants? it isn't easy. I don't want to head to the garden store and buy up several of their biggest planters and stands with wheels to put them on, it could easily cost a small fortune. My plan, keep my eyes peeled at yard sales and thrift stores for planters or something that can be used as a planter and to recruit my husband, perhaps he can make me some plant stands with casters for movement.

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