Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Storing just a few eggs

This is my first Kitchen Tip Tuesday. Today’s idea is something that my family did when I was younger, I didn’t pay much attention to it until I started running my own house, now it seems I can’t help but try and remember all the things my mom did in the kitchen to make life easier.

When you have just a few eggs in the carton, cut the carton in half, this has two benefits. First it takes up less space in the fridge and secondly you don’t risk grabbing a half empty egg carton and accidentally dropping it because of the weight imbalance, (tell me I’m not he only one to grab a carton of eggs on the empty side and nearly drop them) It isn’t difficult to cut the egg carton but make sure you use good strong kitchen shears.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful tip. Keep them coming. looking forward to more kitchen tips.

Anonymous said...

great tip. keep them coming

Sonshine said...


great tip! thanks for sharing!