Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Flowers from my sweetie!

I was told I was getting flowers for our 4 year anniversary so when I didn't I was a little bummed. I was determined to have a fun and pleasant evening so I didn't make a big deal about it and I tried to hide my sadness. I tried to understand that my husband had been at work for nearly 40 hours. Not being the kind-hearted woman I ought to be, I did comment on my lack of flowers the very next day. Imagine my surprise when nearly a week after our anniversary, I received flowers, my little heart just burst with love.

I didn't have a vase large enough to properly hold my bouquet so I trimmed the stems and separated the flowers into smaller vases. The yellow and white daisies looked just right in a slender blue vase and the pink flowers were arranged in an old glass milk bottle. With smaller vases I can enjoy the flowers in different rooms through out the house. I just love fresh flowers. being so expensive they are a rare treat, but that just makes them so much more special.

Rearranging store-bought flowers into multiple vases works for me.

Go here for more Works for me Wednesday, Shannon's clean fridge tip resonates with me, I do the same thing when thawing meat and I also just cleaned out my fridge (super well too, all shelves bins pulled out and scrubbed clean)



theysaywordscanbleed said...

that's nice.

Gig Harbor flowers

Ardora said...

Flowers are the great way convey love to someone special.