Saturday, June 14, 2008

Using your library

This Frugal Friday post is nothing spectacular or any sort of new frugal trick, but it certainly saves money. Here it is -Use your public library.

For cheap at-home entertainment you can borrow movies from the library. (free beats the couple of dollars you pay to rent movies)

We've lived here for four months and I just recently went to the library. I'm so mad that I hadn't visited sooner. The movie selection was awful but the book selection was fantastic the best selection of brand new books that I have ever seen in a library. I checked out 6 books and wanted to take more but I knew I could only read so much in a two week period.

I checked out a brand new Martha Stewart cook book and several other books I've wanted to read for a while (a couple books I had almost purchased several months ago).

My frugal tip - use your library you may be surprised at the books you'll find and you avoid spending money at a book store or movie rental store.

Totally unrelated to Frugal Fridays - I volunteered to read during the story hour at the library I'm super excited I absolutely love reading to children and I can't wait.


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BarbaraLee said...

We do this all the time. Even dd orders things from the library. We go on line alot.