Monday, June 9, 2008

Thrift Store Bargins!

I have been in desperate need of new clothes for months. I just don't have enough warm weather clothes. I have not had any luck finding decent clothes at the local thrift store and not much luck at yard sales. My wardrobe has suffered so much that I broke down and bought new clothes last week, something I haven't done in so long I don't even remember the last time (well actually I do it was last summer) Everything I bought was on a super duper clearance sale I spent about $40 and got 4 shirts and a pair of Bermuda style shorts (you know the kind that go to your knees-super cute)

My wardrobe still needs some sprucing up and I'm still on the look out for warmer weather clothes. Today I hit the jackpot. I went to the thrift store with time and money to spend (doesn't happen often) I wandered around and I couldn't find anything special to buy (of course when I don't have time or money to spend I find all sorts of goodies) I was ready to call it quits and leave when I noticed a huge pile of clothes in the corner "yard sale" style just piled high as could be. I spent a good ten minutes sorting clothes and it was worth it I found:

1. Brand new Gap jeans in my size and my preferred style.
2. Nike "Yoga" style workout pants (you know the kind that are cropped)
3. A cute summery pink top
4. A cute Gap skirt - it's a neutral Grey and could be dressed up or down.

all in great shape and a $1 each. The jeans were the best bargain, I have only one pair that are faded and looking ratty. I almost bought some new jeans last week but even on sale they cost more than I want to spend. I always see jeans at thrift stores but never in decent condition and never in my size. I was so pleased with my finds. My "new" clothes are just as cute and functional as my store bought clothes but at a fraction of the price, not to mention I have a lot more fun digging around in a thrift store than I do shopping for new clothes (I'm weird like that)


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