Thursday, June 26, 2008

pretty storage

My hubby has been organizing his tools, giving me the thought that I ought to do something with my craft stuff. I really didn't need to organize but I was inspired to make my crafting area a little more pretty. I transformed my shoe box storage system with computer printed labels, some pretty paper and a little glue.

The result looks good and I think makes my little storage cart look neater and more uniform.

I admit every time I'm at the store and I walk by the storage and organizing products I'm tempted to buy something. For now I think I can be content with my pretty shoe boxes.

Here's my before photo

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The Momster said...

Job well done. I'll confess right along with you - I like to buy those cute little photo storage boxes in all the colors - it's an addiction I'm afraid :)

Love how you spruced it up!

Wani said...

I love this! So simple yet such a dramatic difference! Good Job!

Everyday is a new day said...

Looks great!! I love to be organized also. Nothing is nicer than a clean, orangized house. No clutter for me.