Monday, June 9, 2008

Menu Plan Monday June 9 - June 15

We just bought a new grill last night! We've wanted one for a while but didn't want to spend the money. We had a rusty one that was found on the side of the road but it needed to much work to be usable anytime soon. This was a somewhat spur of the moment purchase but I'm so glad we did it! We bought a standard Weber, it's not enormous but it's not small. I can't wait to get grilling.

Monday - Grilled steaks and grilled veggies ( an extra nice meal to break in our new purchase)

Tuesday- Enchilada casserole

Wednesday - Pineapple chicken salad pitas I made these a long time ago and I remembered them being good, let's hope my memory serves me well.

Thursday - Leftovers

Friday - Pizzas (I'm going to try them on the grill)

Saturday - Greek chicken kabobs I saw this recipe in Everyday Food's May issue and thought it looked pretty good

Sunday - Grilled Hamburgers (a very favorite meal)

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Ginaagain said...

Congratulations on the new grill! Our first grill was a mini weber and I loved it so much. We have a weber gas grill now but I miss the old charcoal kettle.

Garden Girl said...
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Garden Girl said...

Hi there!

Found your blog and your menu plan ;) Just wanted to give you a tip on pizzas on the grill. I use a pizza stone - just heat it in the grill and then slide that pizza on it - bake like in the oven at home. If your new grill has a thermostat - even better.

Garden Girl

kamailesfood said...

I grilled pizzas last week, but I didn't use a stone. I thought the dough would fall through the grates, but it didn't. I loved the char from the open flame. Was tasty! :)