Friday, June 27, 2008

pineapple smoothie

Crystal posted about Smoothies for Frugal Friday and I knew I had to chime in with my newest and currently most favorite smoothie recipe. It's so simple:

1/2 cup plain yogurt
pineapple chunks and juice (frozen)
a squeeze of honey to taste.

blend in a blender until smooth and enjoy, so YUMMY! and refreshing. (makes one serving)
I've been drinking these every day for the past week.

I take a can of pineapple chunks and it's juice and freeze in an ice cube tray, I use about 5-6 frozen pineapple cubes in my smoothie

This particular smoothie is cheap to make ( at least for now) I had bought half a dozen cans of pineapple for 45 cents a can (They were on the clearance shelf and have a few dents but still just fine to use. One can will make at least three smoothies) and I make my own yogurt which is significantly cheaper than buying it (basically the cost of milk)

I just love smoothies! (they feel like such a virtuous treat, being so full of healthy ingredients)



Kimi Harris said...

Yum! I bet this would be good with coconut milk too!

Jamie said...

Great idea, Rachel! We love smoothies here, we'll have to try these for sure.