Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Menu Plan Monday June 30 - July 6

Monday 6/30 Sloppy Joes and Corn on the side

Tuesday 7/1 Lasagna and salad (I picked up some whole wheat lasagna noodles dirt cheap the other day, paid 25 cents after coupon, I was pretty excited about it)

Wednesday 7/2 Chicken Stir Fry

Thursday 7/3 Leftovers

Friday 7/4 Happy Independence Day! We're going to a BBQ (actually it's a Pig Roast but that's kind of like a BBQ isn't it? I've never seen a whole pig being roasted before, I'm kind of excited)

Saturday 7/5 Pizza

Sunday 7/6 I'm not sure what we'll eat yet, I'm thinking something grilled.

This weeks Menu Plan Monday is being host by Heavenly Homemakers, go there to see more Menu plans.


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Everyday is a new day said...

Are you roasting the pig or you going somewhere?? Totally cool if you are roasting it take pictures!!