Thursday, July 24, 2008

a little color

I did it! I painted our living room! All by myself! I love it!

The color looks pretty bright in the picture, in real life the color is a deep rich rust orange or terracotta color. I have to say that I hate the ugly black speaker sitting atop our white cabinet and the two on the floor. We have yet to find a solution to hide the speakers. They don't bother Greg as much as they do me.

I'll be looking for some curtains on the cheap, I found some chocolate brown panel style curtains but my hubby shot them down, he thought it would be too dark and too much brown next to our furniture. How I wish he was less interested in home decor, I know of no other husband who cares as much as he does. At least he's not afraid of a little color and he does have good taste. I did have to beg, plead, and nag for weeks before he agreed to let me paint and it's my responsibility to repaint when it comes time to move.
On another note (still on the topic of living room decor)
We bought a really nice book shelve for my birthday, it's custom build and won't be here until September, possibly as late as November. I can hardly wait. When we get our shelve and I find some curtains I'll post some pictures. I'm sure the living room will be transformed once again with those items added.


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Anonymous said...

Just lovely Rachel! I love your blog and visit it often! I think blogging/card making girls named Rachel are pretty cool. (My name is Rachel too AND I also blog and make cards!) :0)