Monday, July 28, 2008

trying out a new recipes.....

I was given some catfish fillets from a friend who is moving and needed to purge her fridge and pantry. Receiving free food is always a blessing but it's also a challenge to be given ingredients that I don't normally use. The good news is that we like to try out new foods and flavors.
Tonight I made spicy blackened catfish I really liked it. I also made a cucumber/avocado salad which was so yummy. I did not have high hopes for the cucumber salad but it turned out great and is being added to my tried and true recipe binder. The crisp cucumbers are so yummy blended with creamy avocado.
I didn't take any pictures because I didn't think my new recipes would turn out so good, I only picked them because I had all the ingredients on hand.

On another note, Greg came home last night and he likes the new living room color, he did not say anything about my brown curtains but was really fond of my pale blue curtain I hung in the dining room. Hold on a minute......I'm asking him as I'm typing if he likes the brown curtains......Yea! he thinks they are nice.

Next time he goes out to sea, I'm tackling the dining room it needs a little color.



Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! I'm glad he liked them!

Wendi said...

hey I really like the color you chose, it looks really nice. I commend you for "doing the painting on your own" I just painted Randi's room pink and green. I had a hard time with the edge to the ceiling. Did you tape yours off? I didnt and I got some paint on the ceiling. But anyway good job, it looks good.