Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Curtians

My hubby hasn't seen the living room yet, he comes home today. Let's hope he likes all the changes I've made.

I used bamboo as curtain rods, they still need to be trimmed to size.
The living room curtains are somewhat sheer and have a tropical leaf pattern on them, it's very subtle. Despite being sheer they really make it dark in the living room, it could be that we've had overcast days or because the walls are a darker color. I tacked some ribbon to the wall so that I can tie back the curtains and let in some light.

I'm thinking about painting our dining room a dark khaki color, not quite tan but not dark brown either, it's adjacent to the living room so the colors need to flow together but I also want it to look like a separate room. I like the blue/brown color combo, that's why I picked up the sheer blue curtain (also is was cheap at only $4.99)


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Anonymous said...

You'll have to let us know if he likes them! I'm sure he will! I think that a khaki color would be fabulous! One thing I have been thinking about doing is using some of my favorite scrapbook papers as color inspirations. I could then incorporate the paper into some cheap artwork to tie the scheme together. Some day...