Friday, July 18, 2008

Swimming in the ocean

Last week my friend and I went to a deep-water aerobics class, very fun and yet a serious workout. We decided to go again this week, we drove all the way to the pool to find it closed for unexpected maintenance. We than drove all the way across town to a different pool just to swim since we were already in our swim suits. We saw a sign with the pool schedule saying it was closed for another hour, we went out for coffee and came back to the pool to find that it was closed and had been closed for several days for maintenance (ARG)wish we had seen that second sign before we came back. Determined to swim we drove to the beach. This is a not really a sandy beach but a swimming area with three concrete walls to create something like a regular swimming pool. The water was deep, calm, clear, and beautiful. Seriously the water was at least 20 feet deep. I could not swim to the bottom yet I could see the bottom clearly as if it was only a few feet away. Now, this was the ocean and there were fish, lots of tropical fish. I didn't really notice them as we were swimming laps and talking, but after a while we were just treading water and I found myself in the middle of a school of fish, about a foot long each with a long needle like nose, I like nature I just don't want to be in it, the unpredictability of animals freaks me out. There was at least a dozen of these fish swimming all around me, of course my friend who goes scuba diving often just shrugged them off as no big deal and laughed a bit at my irrationality but I was ready to be out of the water, after all we had been swimming for over an hour. Once we were out of the water I looked down into the clear water and saw several more fish, it almost made me want to get some snorkel gear and head back in the water as there were brightly colored yellow and blue angel fish and tiger stripped fish and all sorts of pretty fish. I can't believe I didn't notice the fish while we were swimming, perhaps because the water was so deep. The school of fish that I was caught in the middle of was cool to watch from outside of the water as they all swam in unison, which I'm sure was much easier with out a crazy lady (ME!)splashing and kicking water trying to keep them from touching her.

I was sad to miss the water aerobics class but I will say I had a fun time swimming in the ocean. My friend and I probably looked ridiculous as we tried some of the exercises and strokes we learned in last week's class but we didn't care we had a good workout and a lot of fun to boot.



Anonymous said...

That sounds absolutely beautiful. Wish you could've posted a picture of those fishies swimming around.

Tori said...

Totally awesome! I wanna swim in the ocean!