Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to work!

School started yesterday. With an expecting baby I did not aggressively seek a teacher position but decided to keep substituting for as long as I can before the baby is born. After talking with other substitute teachers and my experience last school year I was expecting a very slow start. In fact I wouldn't have been surprised if I didn't get a call to work until late September even October. Last school year while in South Carolina I wouldn't have worked but a few days during the first few months of school had I not landed a long-term substitute position early in the year.

Today, the second day of school, I got a phone call to come into work. So surprised and so excited. I'm back to work! While I haven't been feeling my best, I've found that If I eat a little bit I usually feel better. I think I'm ready and I'll be armed with a purse full of granola bars.



Anonymous said...

Glad your back to work! It will get better after the first few months.

beta4U said...


I heard that almonds are excellent for morning sickness. Never having that problem myself makes me unsure of the validity of this claim. Though almonds are such a great snack, it's worth a shot. Right? Another thing supposed to be good is making sure you drink plenty of water and get in a good walk daily. Hope this helps.