Friday, August 8, 2008

Plans to make a birthday cake

A friend's birthday is this weekend and my neighbor and I are making the cake! We found the perfect cake to make for our eclectic friend. Being the frugal fanny that I am, I'm tweaking the cake design a bit. There's no need for us to buy a bunch of candy to decorate a cake. I have some red hot candies in the pantry to use for decorations but I'll also pipe some frosting designs. (I just got some new cake decorating tips for my birthday-a perfect excuse to use them)
My friend is going to buy some fruit roll-ups for the cake (I gave her a coupon) we only need one but they'll make nice treats for the neighbor kids.

I can't wait to post some pictures of how our cake turns out.

We are making the cake and frosting from scratch with ingredients we have on hand.
This cake won't cost us very much but I'm pretty sure the results will be impressive.


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