Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Choosing a name

I know that 6 weeks along is early to start deciding on a name for your baby but choosing a name is so difficult that I'm going to need the next 8 months to decide. Finding a name I like is not giving me a hard time. The problem is finding a name that we both agree on. I don't know what my husbands requirements for a name are but these are mine:

1. no overly popular name (but I do want a classic name)

2. no strange or bizarre sounding name

3. prefer a bible name

4. a name that has a special meaning

My friend sent me to the Social Security Website which lists the most popular names given. I knew I wanted to stay away from the top ten names.
Two names I've been thinking about were on the top ten list Hannah for a girl and Daniel for a boy, I had no idea those names were so popular, I must have good taste. I haven't seen Hannah or Daniel as common names in school classrooms at work, but than again the names on this list are names given to kids that are just now entering school. Both names have been shot down by my hubby and now after seeing them on the top ten list I guess those names weren't mean to be.

The baby name search continues on....



KimLuvsJC said...

I don't know about names but I wanted to stop by and say CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's about time. But now you gotta find your way back here so we get to see the sweet little dumplin when he/she arrives. I miss you guys. At least getting to read your blogs makes me smile and feel like you're not as far away as you are.
Love you,
Kim H

Everyday is a new day said...

Well sister if anything comes to mind i will send it your way. I found super cool Baby book of names with meanings if you want i can get it and send it to you. Also let me know what books you have and don't because i have some i want to send you. I just don't want to send you ones you already have. and let me know if you don't want anybooks. it's whatever. love you super tons.

debtfreedowds said...

In my family, my mom named all her kids with biblical first names and family middle names.

What about Caleb and Abigail? Classic, biblical, noble... just a thought. Good luck choosing! What a wonderful problem to have, right? :-)

Beth said...

Congratulations, Rachel! I was so excited when your mom told me the great news. Picking names is tough, but fun. Both of my girls names came in such special ways. I can't wait to hear what you both decide. I also hope that we will get to see you sometime before the baby comes... I am sure you will look adorable. We will be praying for you.

Wendi said...

Congratulations!! I am so excited for your and i'm sure your family can't wait till you guys move closer to home?? I'm not sure what your plans are. But soooo exciting! I can't wait to see what names you come up with.

Trey and Cheri said...

Congratulations! I came across your site a few weeks ago and enjoy checking out your menu plans. I also just found out that I'm expecting and I'm about 5 weeks along. We are already working on a baby name list as well. Look forward to reading more baby posts!