Friday, August 1, 2008

sticker shock!

I haven't posted a Frugal Friday tip in ages. I haven't had an original frugal idea lately. Oh well that shouldn't keep me from posting. Today I was browsing the mall with some friends (we were passing time before a movie showing) we went into a couple of stores and I was floored at the price of clothing. I was sick with sticker shock. $60 for a shirt, $130 for a pair of pants and the prices went upwards from there. Now maybe these prices are perfectly normal and I've just been out of the mall scene for too long but I was still shocked.
After seeing clothing prices I'm all the more happy with my bargain wardrobe.

My Frugal Friday tip is avoid the mall and other high-end stores when shopping for clothes. Try the bargain stores like Ross and TJmax, better yet visit a thrift store or a yard sale. There are good deals to be had on nice clothes at a fraction of the cost. I'm happy to be digging around looking for my size when it means I pay $6 for a shirt instead of $60.



Audra Krell said...

Great tip. I think avoiding the mall does many good things. It's hard for me to shop there, when everyone else is depressed because they are spending money they don't have. (me included!) The stores you mentioned are actually fun!

debtfreedowds said...

My sister pays those prices! To her its worth it. When I helped her organize and clear out the clutter, we sold a lot of her designer clothing for just $0.50! Crazy!

momof4sweetsisters said...

Okay, so I'm way out of the loop! I'm freaking out at the thrift store for paying $3.50 for a shirt. I think I may be on the verge of chintzy? And here I was thinking I should head over to the mall with the chicks....because I'm such a mean mom and haven't been their in a couple of years..hmmm.