Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brand New Shelf!

The shelf we wanted was going to be custom made and take months to arrive we were also told that if we were to move to a colder less humid environment the back and sides of the shelf would crack. We decided to make a different choice and found this shelf made of teak wood and less expensive. Plus we were able to have it delivered the same day. The shelf is my birthday gift and I love it!
It's already cluttered up with books which Greg says looks terrible but that's what a shelf is for and I'd much rather have books out of boxes where they can't be accessed as easily. I do agree that it looks cluttered and messy, perhaps that means we need to save for a second shelve-one that can go in the spare bedroom hidden away.

We made a choice that we won't buy cheap furniture, we want pieces that will last several decades and we are willing to spend more for quality. That means that our furniture accumulation is moving along very slowly. I've wanted a book shelf for a very long time and this one was worth the wait.


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Anonymous said...

It doesn't look cluttered to me. Your placement is very balanced and pleasing to the eye. What a great piece!