Monday, May 19, 2008

The differnce between men and women

I gave up half my craft table to Greg for his projects. Several days ago While Greg was at work I cleaned up the room, rearranged my craft stuff and managed to make some room for Greg's stuff. I had two cork board tiles hung up on the wall smack dab in the middle. I couldn't take them down with out ruining the wall. So I cleared them off and made a tag for our names, one board for me one board for Greg. (Previously they held birthday reminders, 6 months on each board) For a while the boards were blank minus our cute name tags. Than my sister sent me a card (really made my day) and I posted her card on my board.

Today I was making some cards for my Esty shop when I looked up and saw that Greg had put something on his board. I laughed out loud. Here I had a cutesy card posted and my hubby hung up some electrical schematic for a project he's working on to modify our coffee maker's temperature.

We are very different.

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Tori said...

I sent my card can't wait till you get it!