Monday, May 19, 2008

Worth the wait

We bought a new microwave. We moved in February and since than have not had a microwave. We couldn't bear to spend big bucks on a fancy new one nor could we justify buying a cheap bottom of the line microwave. The past several weekends we have been going to yard sales in search of a microwave. We got bold and started asking yard sale holders if they had a microwave, more than once they told us we just missed it by a few minutes.

There were a few moments at the store when we came close to plopping down 50, 60, 70 dollars for a cheap and gutless microwave, we overcame temptation, one of us would talk the other out of it and we held on to our money.

This last Saturday we had a break through. After failing at two yard sales we did a "drive by" on a third sale, you know when you slowly drive by with your head out the window trying to see if there's anything for sale worth stopping for. That's when we spotted the microwave box, both of us feared it was just a box full of dollar items. We stopped and parked the car, ran to it and found a brand new microwave still in the box for sale. You should have seen us walking around the microwave box talking to each other, debating. The lady had just moved and found that her house came with a fancy over the stove microwave, she hated to sell this one but couldn't justify keeping it. This was the first microwave we'd seen at a yard sale and another one wasn't going to be found easily. The lady wanted $75. We talked her down to $60 and walked away with a gorgeous, stainless steel, rock and roll microwave with all the bells and whistles.

I love it and it looks so good in our kitchen. Worth the money and worth the wait.

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