Saturday, May 3, 2008

Me crazy?

Yesterday Greg tells me that a fellow shipmate came up to him and says "Hey, I hear your wife is crazy" Of course my interest was piqued and I had know more about this conversation. Apparently word has gotten around about my big box of coupons, my menu planning, and my obsession with baking and cooking from scratch. According to Greg here's how the conversation continued:

Husband: (with a chuckle) Umm she's not crazy, she likes to save money and plans what she does. She just really likes to cook and bake and stuff like that.

Shipmate: hmm, so is your house all clean and stuff?

Husband: Yeah....maybe, I wish she WAS crazy than the house might be cleaner.

I was happy hearing that he defended my saneness but I would have been very pleased if Greg had left out the last remark. Our house is always picked up and very presentable, it's true it could be cleaner. I put off sweeping the floors and cleaning the bathroom until it is very noticeable that it needs to be done, or I can't stand the grit on my bare feet anymore or when Greg makes some comment to me about how gross the floors look. I gave Greg a hard time about telling someone our house was not the cleanest. He responded by telling me not to worry about it. No one thinks less of me becuase I don't like to sweep and clean bathrooms. He said I'm a rare breed and most of the guys are in shock that as a wife I try to save money, have a job, and like to cook. I'm a little flattered to be talked about but it's a good thing Greg keeps my ego in check and reveals my flaws now and then.

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