Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mother's day cards

Today I sent out my mother's day gifts. I've been working on the cards the past two weekends. I have to say that I'm so proud of how they came out. My mother-in-law's card is light-hearted and the least elaborate, the husband didn't want to send a mushy feel good card. Since it's for his mom and he helped make it I could honor that. My other two cards (the pink one and the circular card) are accordion style with several panels full of photos, nice thoughts and memories I've had. I'm really proud of how the cards turned out and I hope that they show how special the recipients are and enjoyed.
I used a paper grocery sack as an envelop package of sorts (not the prettiest but it works) to mail my cards as well as a local newspaper and other gift item.
I'm sad I can't be with my moms to present them their card and be with them on their day.
Hopefully they will receive their package before Mother's Day and will know how much they mean to us

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Jamie said...

I'm so excited!