Friday, May 2, 2008

Meaningful Decorating

Our house is very spartan, there is minimal furniture and most of the walls are bare. I don't like a bare house but spending money on decorating our house is a very low priority. When I go to yard sales or head to the thrift store I'm on the look out for items that can be used to help decorate our home, I usually pick up picture frames for under a dollar.
On a side note that could be it's own frugal Friday tip: I never throw away greeting cards, I save them in a box and reuse them to make new cards or gift tags. Sometimes a card is just too special to be torn up and reused and I would like to keep it for sentimental value.

If the card has a pretty picture I like to frame it, I use coordinating paper cut to the frame's size as a background for the card. Framing cards adds a bit of decor to our home and I get a nice feeling every time I see the cards and remember the person that sent them and the good memories associated with them.

You'll have to forgive my pictures they are not the best, I took them early this morning and the lighting was awful and I used the flash which reflected back in the frames glass. Also never mind the wirey mess behind the counter, I placed the frame and a few planters there to hide our coffee maker that my husband has all torn apart, it looks messy and cluttered but it's temporary.

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