Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Homemade cleaning supplies

This morning as I was showering I noticed that my postponement to clean the bathroom had caught up to me, I spotted mold showing it's ugly face on the shower stall corners.

Grocery shopping was top on my list of things to do today and cleaning the bathroom became a close second. Naturally at the grocery store I browsed the cleaning supply aisle in search of that magic formula that would eradicate my mold and soap scum with little effort on my part. I read the backs of bottles and I debated with myself but when it came down to it I just could spend $4 on a bottle of cleaner when I had stuff at home. And you know what I'm proud of my frugal choice.

Once home from grocery shopping, I attacked the bathroom and cleaned the shower stall vigorously with my homemade softscrub, I wiped the mirror down with vinegar water and for good measure I sprayed those moldy trouble spots in the shower with bleach water. My bathroom is now mold free, clean, and beautiful.

Making and using my own cleaning supplies saves money and works for me.

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Shari Ellen said...

Good frugal ideas. I can't believe how expensive cleaning supplies have gotten. I'll have to try vinegar water on the mirrors. Usually I just use a sponge with dish soap to wash the bathroom counters down. I like bleach and baking soda, too. But it seems like I have to use a lot more baking soda than I would Comet cleanser. Maybe it's just me.

greenmama said...

Good morning! Next time try spraying Vodka on your mold and mildew... Let it sit for a minute and wipe clean. I keep a spray bottle in the shower and just hose it down every so often. Don't have to worry about harmful chemicals with my little ones in the tub. Also better to wash down the drain...

jen said...

Great tip! I can't wait to try and make my own cleaning products.

Thanks for the great advice!